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Facebook group supporting Prince Harry’s nude antics now has 32k fans

London, September 3 (ANI): Prince Harry, who has landed himself in trouble with the Palace over nude photographs taken in Las Vegas, now has at least a few thousand ‘naked’ shoulders to cry on.

The royal’s naked army is made up of nearly 33,000 British soldiers and members of the public who have shed their clothes and given him a salute, in a show of support for the boisterous third in line to the throne.

Spanning the scorching frontline in Afghanistan to rain-swept barracks in the UK, troops and supporters of the Armed Forces have united in their birthday suits to follow his lead and posted the results on the internet, infuriating the top brass.

Despite their anger, many have still taken to stripping off to show the young Royal that they don’t mind his outrageous antics while he partied in America.

Nearly 33,000 people had joined the Facebook group ‘Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute!’ and many of the servicemen and women posed completely naked, using their hands or strategically placed guns, caps or rucksacks to protect their modesty.

Ordinary civilians have imaginatively employed guitars, straw hats and even cereal boxes to mask their modesty as they beam into the camera.

In recently added photos to the website, a group of injured soldiers beam with their instructors as they all keep their private parts out of view.

In another, one man risks an unpleasant injury by clambering on to a bicycle before giving a cheeky wave outside his garden shed.

One man improvises with a straw hat to keep his private parts out of sight, while another uses an American flag in his cheeky photo.

The popularity of the group has exploded, as many believe the young Royal should not be severely reprimanded for his fun with friends.

The page as become so popular that military personnel from around the world, including Israel and the US, have posted nude photos of themselves.

The page was set up by ex-soldier Jordan Wylie, 28, from Blackpool, after grainy pictures emerged of a naked Prince Harry taken during a game of strip billiards in his 5,100 pound-a-night suite at the Encore Wynn Hotel in Vegas.

“It was outrageous [that] Harry was criticised for his antics in Las Vegas because he is just one of the lads,” the Daily Mail quoted Wylie as saying.

“He might be a royal but he is also a hard-working Apache helicopter pilot and he wants to have some fun. I’m sure Harry will be quietly smiling about the Facebook group,” he added. (ANI)