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Bigg Boss 6 promo – Your chance to enter the bigg boss house!

Mumbai, Sep 3 (): The actor-host Salman Khan of the celebrated reality show Bigg Boss has announced its sixth season. The makers of the reality show have released a new promo in Youtube that features Salman Khan. In the promo, Salman has given invitation to the commoners to the Bigg Boss house.

The fifth season of Bigg Boss was hosted by Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. However, Bigg Boss 6 will be hosted by Salman alone.

Salman Khan and the makers of the reality show have earlier announced that Bigg Boss 6 will have common people and will be a cleaner version than the previous seasons.

The new promo of Bigg Boss 6 looks interesting. Salman says, Celebrity banne ki ab aap ki hai bari..To come inside the Bigg Boss mansion, pay attention. To participate log on to http://colors.in.com/in/biggboss/

Salman looks handsome with a touch of sophistication. His new look with grey stubble has already made news that the actor looks good. Above all, Salman Khan is in his elements in the promo – naughty, fierce and bindaas.

This is the third time in a row Salman is hosting the reality show. It was reported earlier that the changes were made in the rules of Bigg Boss by consulting with Salman. The show enters another level this season, with commoners as the participants. Also it’s said that only those celebrities who have a family-friendly image will be chosen.

The main aim of Salman Khan is he apparently wants a cleaner Bigg Boss suitable for family viewing.

But, as the event is getting heated up in India and the festive season fast approaching, many ‘foreign celebs’ are sought after this season. The contestants speculated are controversial figures like Kim Kardashian and Poonam Pandey. The other expected celebrities for this season of Big Boss include Chunky Pandey, Shobha De, Faisal Khan, Sayali Bhagat and Sangram Singh.