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Arvind Kejriwal to protest outside Parliament police station

New Delhi, Sep 3 (): India Against Corruption (IAC) leader Arvind Kejriwal is scheduled to stage an agitation outside Parliament Street police station in New Delhi on Monday.

Announcing a jai bharo andolan in the capital city, Kejriwal along with his associates have arrived at the police station to demand that the volunteers who were detained on Aug 26 should not be harassed on the pretext of collecting evidences.

The police earlier had filed five cases of rioting against the disbanded Team Anna members including Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia, Vishas, Gopal Rai and a number of other members of the IAC team.

This time the members of the IAC have planned to court arrest and will not apply for bail, said Bibhav Kumar a member of IAC. In the name of collecting evidence in the cases, the police were continuously harassing the volunteers, said Mr Kumar.

“Kejriwal and other leaders will tell police that they can arrest them but not harass people,”  said Kumar.

The members of the IAC, Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan together stated that they are ready to court arrest while staging their jail bharo andolan on Monday. ‘ Let them take us into custody in response to the FIRs that was filed against the IAC members after their August 26 protests,’ said Bhushan.

Meanwhile, anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare on Monday said that he has no information about Arvind Kejriwal’s call for Jail Bharo agitation. “I am not aware of Kejriwal’s call for courting arrest in Delhi,” said the anti crusader. Anna on the other hand added that there was no misunderstanding between any of the members and that everyone are united with each other as before against corruption.

Howeve,r Kiran Bedi tweeted to inform that she shall not participate in Kejriwal’s  agitation. She termed in her tweet that though she prefers to be apolitical, “will stay with the cause”.