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Raj Thackeray the Future Chief Minister of Maharashtra

 Raj Thackeray the Future Chief Minister of Maharashtra

The recent outburst by MNS leader Raj Thackeray naming every migrant from Bihar as infiltrator has invited heavy criticism from all over the country which is totally unnecessary.

RJD Leader Ram Krripal Yadav is protesting that Raj Thackeray was issuing Anti National Statement. We wonder if the leaders responsible for scams such as Commonwealth, Adharsh, 2G, Coalgate etc can be called as National leaders why everyone is worried that Raj Thackeray who is more interested in the welfare of his own state be called Anti National?

For SP Leader from UP Abu Azmi,  Raj Thackeray  and MNS should be declared a militant and hate mongering party.  When such a big National party like BJP  is backed by militant sangh parivar what harm has been done by Raj Thackeray so  far comparable with Mumbai riots or Gujarat riots?

The media and politicians in India are now interested more in tarnishing the image of Raj Thackeray, the emerging young leader in Maharashtra.  Previously he was called anti Hindi politician advocating Marathi sentiments.  Now he is seen as Anti Bihari as if this is an inter-state problem between two adjacent states.

No one has answered Raj Thackeray’s basic question on why a person living in one state cannot be arrested by another state if all the states are ruled by the same constitution?

Such questions are not understood  because of the historical blindness of the politicians and the press men.

Bengal was divided during British rule. When Pakistan was created it was not possible to maintain undivided land mass. Since the  Muslims were spread all over India the Pakistan had to get two names as Punjabi dominated West Pakistan and Bengali dominated East Pakistan. Because of this linguistic divide and geography ,  Pakistan was further divided in to Bangladesh.  Again for geographical reasons Bangladesh Muslims have migrated to North eastern states of India.  This has affected opportunities of tribal population in Assam and other states.  Recurrence of riots between Bangladeshi Muslims and locals for many decades has not been addressed adequately by our National parties.

India is surrounded by countries which are known to adopt aggressive geopolitical strategies although the cultural, linguistic, religious tradition of India spreads from Pakistan to China, Japan and all the south and south east Asian countries

There is a Muslim issue in Myanmar which is under the clutches of China. There is ethnic problem in Sri Lanka which is again a state playing with India holding China card. The close relationship between China  and Pakistan is well known.

Because of the recent riots in Assam and Myanmar, Muslims protested in Mumbai  in Azad maidan which culminated in to killing of two persons. One of the persons alleged in this riot happens to be a Bihari Muslim. Why the state of Bihar should make loud noises for arresting one person?   If he is supported for his origin as a Muslim or a Bihari there is no meaning in alleging Raj Thackeray for playing identity politics.

Why the press and the politicians are diverting this issue from the allegations of Pakistan involved in fraudulent SMS to incite violence against innocent north east people all over India following Assam riots?

Is this a regional problem or a National problem?  The National parties have double standards. They make regional problems out of National problems. And consider National problems ( River disputes) as regional problems since they never analyse the issues on the basis of morality or virtue or righteousness. They see only votes. Their vision is flawed . What is the result?

In the  largest state UP, Mayawati and Mulayam have emerged as tall leaders. In Bihar, the fight will be between Lallu and Nitish. In Bengal it is Mamata Vs Left parties. In Andhra,  Congress is losing ground and Jaganmohan Reddy leading a regional party is set to capture power. In Karnataka BJP has lost its popularity. In Gujarat too the signals for BJP are not going well. Tamil nadu has been forgotten by National parties long back and therefore has grown as a model state in India in Health, education and social justice.

Now another big state is going regional.

What is wrong in it?

It is the compulsion of the internal geo political environment polluted by National parties which has encouraged regional leadership to rise and capture power.

One Day Raj Thackeray will be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for his deep rooted passion in favour of Marathi speakers which is natural. Mr. Karunanidhi was called Anti Hindi politician and Anti National by many people many times but the people of Tamil nadu have elected him as their Chief Minister many times. The people are greater than the selfish leaders and the story making media.