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Rihanna slammed by PETA over snakeskin boots

London, Sept 1 (ANI): Rihanna has been branded “creepy” and a “freak” by animal rights campaigners after she was recently photographed outside the Rose nightclub in central London sporting a pair of thigh-high black-and-white boots apparently made from reptile hide.

Angry officials at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have spoken out to brand Rihanna’s footwear “callous”, the Daily Express reported.

“Rihanna may not have a clue that snakes killed for boots are often nailed to a tree and skinned alive. Of course, they can’t go on Oprah to cry about it,” a PETA spokesman said.

They were apparently referring to the recent tearful appearance of the singer at Oprah Winfrey’s show, during which she wept as she recalled her doomed romance with R ‘n’ B star Chris Brown

“Wearing reptile skin is creepy and callous, and it makes her look even more out of touch.”

“She and Lady Gaga seem so desperate to be freaks instead of recognized for their talents that you have to wonder if they realize that they are being laughed at.” he added. (ANI)