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OKOK Telugu Movie Review

Hyderabad, Sep 1 (): The dubbed version of director M Rajesh’s Tamil film (Oru Kal Oru Kannadi), starring DMK supremo Karunanidhi’s grandson Udhayanidhi Stalin and Hansika Motwani, was released in Andhra Pradesh on August 31. The movie has very thin story but filled with laughs. The director has received two consecutive hits in a row. Thus, he proves, once again, that he is the king of comedies.


2.75 / 5


Cast             : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam
Direction     : Rajesh M
Production  : Bellam Konda Suresh, Bellam Konda Ganesh Babu
Music           : Harris Jayaraj


Srinivas (Udayanidhi Stalin) is an easy going youth and Bangarraju (Santhanam) is his close friend from childhood. Both of them works in a multiplex theatre in Vizag. Saranya (Saranya) mother of Srinivas is busy always with herself to finish graduation.

One day when Srinivas was on his way to drop her mom for an exam, he meets Meera (Hansika Motwani) at a traffic signal and falls for her good looks immediately. When Srinivas enquires about Meera he finds out that she is the daughter of deputy commissioner of police Mahendrakumar (Sayaji Shinde). He follows her and expresses his love but she is not interested.

In the meantime Meera’s marriage gets fixed and Srinivas receives wedding invitation. How he encounters it with his friend and what does he plans to make her fall in love is the remaining story.


Udayanidhi Stalin acting is perfect all through the film. He has maintained perfect comedy timing.

Hansika is beautiful and has filled the glamour slot perfectly. She has also maintained impeccable comedy timing.

Santanam is at his all-time best with good lines.

Saranaya impresses in her scenes.

Alagam Perumal has done justice to his role.

Harris Jayaraj hasn’t been able to work any wonders with the music which is just average.

The dialogues part in the Telugu version are not that perfect and they failed to evoke as much comedy as in Tamil. It has lot of Tamil scent and the Telugu people may not enjoy the film.

The way director Rajesh presents the story is refreshing. He has made immense efforts to balance the Tamil and Telugu versions. In Tamil, the jokes come at a fast pace, but in Telugu, it is not that easy to convince the audiences with such fast one-liners.


OK OK is a one-time watch film. The film is good to watch with friends.