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‘My son is innocent’, claims Bangalore terror suspect’s mother

Hyderabad, Sep 1 (ANI): Kausir Sultana, the mother of Obaid ur Rehman, who was arrested from Hyderabad for his alleged links with terror organisations, on Saturday said that her son is innocent and was taken away by the police officials without any prior notice.

An upset Sultana said that her son is innocent and urged the police officials to release him at the earliest.

“He is a student. They took him without any prior notice. Since yesterday, we haven’t got any information,” she said.

Sultana further said that her son is suffering from Asthama and needs to take his medicine every one-hour.

“He is really unwell. It is necessary for him to have an inhaler. I want my son back

He is innocent. They (police) have taken an innocent kid. They should inform us about everything,” said Sultana.

“The police didn’t even tell us that they are going to take him. I request the police to give me information and give my son back to me,” she added.

Obaid ur Rehman, 26, who was arrested from Hyderabad earlier in the day today has been brought to Bangalore for questioning.

The latest development in this regard comes after 11 men, including a journalist and a junior scientist, were arrested for alleged terror links.

According to reports, all the accused 11 persons are suspected to have links with terror groups like the HUJI and Lashkar and were plotting to assassinate some politicians and representatives of Hindu groups. (ANI)