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Mitt Romney meets Hurricane Isaac victims

Louisiana, Sep 1 (): Mitt Romney has visited the highly hurricane-damaged Louisiana, just a day after accepting the Republican nomination for US president.

Hurricane Isaac caused very heavy flooding in areas around New Orleans and damage across the Gulf Coast. At least five were dead due to heavy rains and flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi this week after the slow-moving storm knocked out power in whole neighbourhoods.

Mr Romney attended a Friday rally with running mate Paul Ryan in Florida before cancelling a campaign stop in Virginia and diverting to the South.

The Romney campaign announced early Friday Mitt Romney has plans of skipping a Virginia rally with his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, to travel to the region. Later, the White House announced President Barack Obama would visit Louisiana to survey storm damage on Monday, a US national holiday.

But Romney assistants pushed back on the criticism, insisting Romney’s trip wasn’t political. Mr Romney will be challenging President Barack Obama in November’s election.

Romney met up with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal south of New Orleans. The two talked about some of the challenges facing the surrounding community, which relies on fishing for its livelihood.

At one point, Romney and Jindal stopped and talked to a man in waders, a straw hat and holding neon yellow “Mitt Is Our Man” handwritten sign. There was no immediate word on what was said.

Hurricane Isaac left a wake of misery in Louisiana, with dozens of neighbourhoods under deep flood waters and more than 800,000 people without power. While New Orleans was faced with major damage, the storm struck surrounding suburbs, topping smaller levees with days of rain and forcing more than 4,000 from their homes.

Romney was doing his Louisiana visit in between the Florida stop and a rally in Ohio that’s set for Saturday.