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Former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt’s open letter to Modi

Ahmedabad, Sep 1 (): Former Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt has written an open letter on Saturday to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi inquiring about the timing of  Modi’s Google+ Hangout chat.

Bhatt also wrote a letter to Maya Kodnani asking her, “How, being a woman and a doctor were you able to encourage the kind of violence in Naroda Patiya?”.

Narendra Modi, who interacted with citizens online on Google Plus hangout on Friday, was disrupted for a while after the huge traffic in the google server. The chat was planned on the same day when BJP MLA Maya Kodnani and few others were punished in the Naroda Patiya case.

Bhatt in his letter has accused Modi for very cleverly distancing himself from the Naroda Patiya verdict. Bhatt in his letter has mentioned about the punishment meted out to his loyal lieutenants Dr Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi, and some other ill-advised soldiers of misconceived Hindutva who have been sent to prison to spend life term.

Bhatt wrote, “Have you ever realized about the innocent family members of the people who have been sentenced to a life time behind bars? You too were once a married man. At some stage of your life, you too would have tasted the magic of love, even would have planned to have children, perhaps! Did you imagine about the wives and children of the people who have been condemned for life ? Can you justify the killing of any human being just because they don’t conform to your beliefs,?” asked Bhatt.

The former Gujarat IPS officer asked Modi to look into his real face behind the mask and questioned Modi whether he has done any self-introspection. Bhatt asked the Gujarat chief Minister to be honest and clarify these questions in a truthful manner whenever he gets time in his life time.