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BJP to launch nation-wide strike over coal scam issue

New Delhi, Sep 1 ( ): The BJP on Friday said it would continue to stop the Parliament till the Prime Minister resigns his job over the alleged coal allocation scam, and have also decided to launch a nation-wide protest from September 8.

“The Prime Minister is the person who is responsible for the whole scam and he cannot turn away from his responsibility. If the PM does not want to resign then no one can stop the BJP and the NDA to demand anything else other than the PM’s resignation,” said Ananth Kumar, BJP national general secretary.

The BJP and NDA will be launching a nation –wide protest from Sep 8 as soon as the Parliament’s session ends on September 7. “The congress has swallowed the nation’s wealth. For making huge money they have taken bribe,” said Mr Kumar.

The BJP leaders have also demanded an investigation by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court. The Prime Minister earlier categorically rejected the demand of the opposition and said that he hoped that BJP would “let the government function“.

In response to a question by the media, why BJP was not ready for debate in the Parliament, Kumar replied,” The congress is not in a position to own the responsibility. Now there is nothing left to talk. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has given a report after thinking deeply, pointing the loss of Rs 1.86 lakh crore. The CAG has condemned the act of the PM and therefore he should resign and face a trial.”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who returned way back from Tehran on Friday said “the UPA-II government was elected for a five year term and the BJP should respect the judgment of the people by allowing the parliament to function as usual, rather than disrupting.”

The PM on Monday narrated an Urdu rhyme that meant his silence is better than a thousand answers after the BJP did not allow him to make a statement in parliament on the coal block allocation.