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Naxalism must not be allowed to hurt national cohesion, development: PM

Onboard Air India One, Aug.31 (ANI): The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on Friday, again described Naxalism as a menace and an internal challenge that his government has to deal with and counter.

Interacting with media onboard Air India One while returning home from the Tehran NAM Summit, Dr. Singh said Naxalism should not be allowed to hurt national cohesion, or the country’s development.

“The growth of communal tensions in the country is an area where right thinking people should work together. Naxalism is another menace, which if not controlled, can hurt out national cohesion, as well as rate of development,” the Prime Minister said.

“When I look at what is happening in Assam, the way peace has been affected, it certainly causes me worry. Similarly, that thousands and thousands of people in different parts of the country, especially in the Deep South, had chosen to go back to North East because they felt insecure for some reason, is not good for promotion of national unity in the country,” he added.

He said that because of the Naxal threat in some of the areas of the country, the government was not able to derive benefit of the mineral wealth that was there. By Smita Prakash (ANI)