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Mugamoodi (Mask) Movie Review

Chennai, Aug 31 (): Mugamoodi is said to be the first super hero film in Tamil. Jeeva is playing a masked vigilante on the lines of Batman. The Telugu version of Mudamoodi, Mask is also hitting the screens on August 31.


3.5 / 5


Film: Mugamoodi

Starring: Jeeva, Narain, Pooja Hegde, Selvaah, Nassar

Director: Mysskin

Producer: UTV Motion Pictures

Banner: UTV Motion Pictures

Music: K


The movie starts with a serious note and draws attention in the first scene itself. A gang of robbers are continuously robbing the riches and killing them for the seventh time. The issue awakes the cops. To catch the robbers Cop Gaurav (Nassar) is appointed. We are also introduced to Bruce Lee aka Anand aka Mugamoodi, who has been trained in Kung Fu by Chandru (Selvaah) and the baddie, played by Narain.

Bruce Lee is jobless and often lands in fights and gets scolding for his acts from his father. Bruce Lee’s father blames his guru for being useless to his family but Bruce Lee objects his father’s statement on his guru for his mistakes.

When he was engaged in one of his fights, he gets caught by Shakti, the daughter of cop Gaurav, and she gets him arrested. He gets angry with Sakthi. On his second sight, his anger on her, turns to love and in order to meet her at home, he put on the superman avatar, which accidentally makes him help the cops to catch a culprit involved in the robbery.

Thus Bruce Lee learns a new form of Kung Fu, which he learns by himself. He finds an extraordinary feeling hidden inside him. At one point, he is pushed to a superhero. Then the story moves in such a way that he cannot tolerate corruption and evils of society. He fights for justice.


Jeeva has undergone a lot of training for portraying a superhero’s role in this film. Jeeva has given his best performance and his transition from a common man to a masked superhero Mugamoodi is quite admirable. Jeeva has acted the character giving equal shares to humour and action. He looks fit and trim and perfect as a martial arts fighter.

Pooja has matched the role best. As this is her first film, she has failed to portray her part suitably well and she needs to improve her expressions.

Hero turned antagonist Narain has tried his best to play the baddie for Jeeva, but he could not fully succeed to show the utmost needed nastiness in his role through his action and is finally unsuccessful.

Nassar and Girish Karnad are able pillars of support to the story.

K’s three songs have already become chart busters. His background score adds a lot of punch to the movie and has set the right mood to watch.

Sathya’s cinematography is brilliant.

Mysskin narrates the story very slowly by taking his own time. The progresses of the characters are slow and believable. It seems like the director wanted to make Mugamoodi a franchise, as the heroism of the superhero will only start in the later part of the second half.


Compared to earlier films of Mysskin, Mugamoodi is a different and unique attempt. Director’s idea to shoot most of the scenes in the night adds novelty to the movie that worked in favour of films success.

The highlighting fact about the movie is the character is not glorified with superhuman qualities rather restricted to human limits. The fights, scenes and characters, all are realistic which have to be appreciated. Especially, the action sequences and chases are a treat to watch.