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Pride of Cows, India’s costliest milk launched

Pune, Aug 30 () : The milk that Sanchin Tendulkar, Raj Kundra, Hritik Roshan, Nita Ambani etc. drinks and that costs Rs 75 per litre is now available in this city too. The milk is delivered at home only by order. Pride of Cows brand was launched in Mumbai last year and has 6000 customers.

Untouched by humans at any point,the cold chain is maintained right from the farm gate. The milk is more hygienic, said chairman, Devendra Shah, Parag Milk Foods at Manchar near Pune from where the milk is sourced. The plant is fully automated.

Parag has a fully automated cow farm at Manchar near Pune from where the milk is sourced. It is chilled immediately and pasteurised at the processing unit set up next to the farm. “Pride of Cows is more nutritious because the cold chain is maintained throughout the supply chain. The ideas is that the children should drink the milk without boiling which keeps it more nutritious,” said Shah. The milk is sold through its own people without using distributor network so this ensures that there is no adulteration at any stage in the milk.

The company may go public in two years that already has a private equity contribution from Motilal Oswal. Rs 60 crore from Motilal Oswal private equity was invested in 2008. Pune and Andhra Pradesh plants with a total milk capacity of 20 lakh litres per day would be enhanced after it gets listed.

With plans to expand more into the Eastern and Northern markets, the company has plans to open 150 exclusive stores on a franchise model in big cities by coming January.

Skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, ghee, processed cheese, butter, curd , dairy whitener and gulab jamun mix powder under the brand names ‘Gowardhan’ and ‘Go’ are Parag Milk’s products.