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Narendra Modi :Middle class girls prefer beauty over health

Ahmedabad, Aug 30 (Truthdive):  It seems Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is trying to hit the headlines these days by making controversial statement this time by connecting the state’s malnutrition to vegetarianism and figure-conscious Gujarati girls.

” The state of Gujarat is generally considered as a vegetarian state. Next, Gujarat is also a middle-class state. Everyone is aware middle-class is more beauty-conscious than health-conscious, I challenge. If a mother asks her daughter to drink milk, she will not listen. The girl will say,’I won’t drink as I fear of becoming fat,” said Modi in an interview.

But still Modi accepted that severe changes have to take place which is required to handle the problem of malnutrition.” The state of Gujarat is going to come up as a model in this also,” added the CM.

According to various statistics reports, it has been evident that nutrition levels in Gujarat, particularly in its tribal, rural and female population is very high.  Modi also used the opportunity to underline his government’s success in fiscal growth and ensuring adequate power supply.

While condemning the central government for the power blackout all over the country last month, Modi alleged the centre should try to learn from Gujarat government and do the required changes regarding power sector. While inclining in for liberalization development which commenced in the year 1990s, Modi said, “It is a great concern that there’s no liberalization going on.”

As Narendra Modi is getting to ready for the State Assembly elections later this year, it is learnt that he is likely to depict himself as a candidate for Prime Ministership. Modi would be aware that his every movement, his speech as well as his every action is being watched by the fellow interpreters.