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BJP hopes UPA Govt. will execute Supreme Court’s judgment on Kasab speedily

New Delhi, Aug 29 (ANI): Welcoming the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the death sentence awarded to Ajmal Kasab in connection with the 26/11 terror attacks case, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Balbir Punj today took a jibe at the Central Government, by remarking that the UPA II hopefully does not get guided by vote -bank politics and executes the apex court’s judgment speedily.

“We welcome the honorable Supreme Court’s decision in this matter. It is on very predictable lines. Kasab was guilty along with others of waging war against India and had threatened the unity and integrity of the country,” Punj said.

“But at the same time, I have an apprehension; the courts have done their job remarkably well because Kasab was allowed to access to all possible legal remedies. But now, that the court has given its decision, I doubt whether the UPA II government which is guided by vote -bank politics will be able to implement court decision,” he added.

The apex court, earlier in the day, upheld the death sentence of Kasab in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks in which 166 people were killed.

A bench of Justices Aftab Alam and C K Prasad dismissed the plea of 25-year-old Kasab challenging his conviction and death sentence confirmed by the Bombay High Court.

The bench also observed that the failure of government to provide him an advocate at the pre-trial stage did not vitiate trial court proceedings against him.

It also held that the confessional statement given by Kasab, which he retracted during trial, was very much voluntary except a very small portion.

Kasab, who is lodged in Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai, had filed the appeal from jail challenging his conviction and death sentence.

The apex court had appointed senior advocate Raju Ramachandran as amicus curiae to argue on behalf of Kasab.

Kasab, during the argument in the apex court, had contended that he was not given a free and fair trial and that he was not the part of any larger conspiracy for waging war against India. (ANI)