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‘Beatles tourism’ making life misery for locals

Melbourne, August 29 (ANI): Magical history tours around The Beatles landmarks in Liverpool are causing a nightmare for residents.

People living around the former homes of the Fab Four are demanding curbs on the procession of fans turning-up in buses and taxis at all hours of the day and night.

Kathleen Hughes, 74, who lives in the house where George Harrison was born in Wavertree, Liverpool, said hundreds of taxis visit each day during the summer and that if her front door is open people will walk in “as though it’s a museum”.

“The whole Bayern Munich football team came to see the house once, and they were all sticking their faces in the window,” the Age quoted her as saying,

Tony and Reni Roberts, who live near Paul McCartney’s childhood home in Allerton, said the number of tours had “gone berserk” and that 200 people can be outside their house at any one time.

“The whole street has signed a petition to the council calling on them to prevent coaches from driving down the road,” Mrs Roberts said.

“It’s terrible at night when we’re sitting in our front room and all we see is cameras flashing with car doors slamming and people pointing and chattering. We have to keep our curtains closed all the time for privacy which is incredibly annoying.”

A spokesman for Liverpool council said it was working with tour companies to find a balance that satisfied the needs of residents and tourists. (ANI)