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Politics ‘most talked-about topics with taxi driver’

London, August 28 (ANI): Politics, weather and football game are among the hot topics that crops up when a customer talks to a taxi driver, a survey has revealed.

The uselessness of politicians is the number one topic for the British public, the survey by minicab booking firm Wheely found.

Complaints about the dismal state of the UK economy come second, followed by groaning at the disappointing impact the Olympics has had on business.

Football is the fourth most talked-about topic with the most common theme being the bad boy antics of overpaid players, the Daily Express reported.

Four out of 10 adults who take a taxi or minicab say their chat with the driver is usually a rant about life.

There are frequent gripes about the appalling weather and the rubbish on TV.

Male passengers also opened up about troubles at home, with complaints about the children running riot and nagging wives who do not understand them.

It’s a two-way communication as the drivers also agree that the roads are full of useless drivers.

There are also plenty of complaints about taxis or minicabs themselves.

According to Wheely, four out of 10 people hate meters because they do not know in advance how much a journey will cost and nearly 75 per cent want something in a car to entertain them while they are stuck in traffic jams.

Wheely’s co-founder, Anton Chirkunov, is launching an app allowing customers to prebook a cab, pay a fixed fare and send a message to friends when they arrive safely.

“Perhaps we should build in some conversation topics such as ‘the economy’s stuffed’, ‘the roads are full of useless drivers’, ‘kids are a pain’ and ‘why is there nothing good on TV?’” Chirkunov said. (ANI)