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Your Urine Can Cool Down Global Warming

There is a problem exhaled at the top but the solution is excreted at the bottom. At last researchers have  come out with a human solution  ( Yes,  the solution itself is a liquid solution! ) for a global problem.

            Your Urine Can Cool Down Global WarmingWhat we mean is that during our respiration we inhale Oxygen and Exhale Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the green house gases igniting global warming which is a danger leading to the  future destruction of our planet earth.  Now it is found that the Urine passed by the human being when mixed with suitable additive can absorb Carbon dioxide and help to douse the global warming.

Conventionally the green activists suggest growing more trees and forests since the plants inhale Carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen during respiration. The evil done by human population is undone by the forests. Human respiration is estimated to give out a maximum of 10 percent of Carbon dioxide. There was one research which showed Bamboo tree takes more Carbon dioxide and therefore it should be grown in cities where the industrial activities pollute the air.

But one person was not ready to stop with such general solution to a common problem. Spanish scientist Manuel Jiménez Aguilar of the Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training of the Regional Government of Andalusia says

The researcher suggests addition of olive waste water as a preservative to urine to keep its life for six months and claims that such global recycling of urine can absorb one percent of Carbon emissions.

It is really interesting and great news.

Many people cannot forget the odd habit of the Former Indian Prime Minister Mr. Morarji Desai who used to drink his own urine and lived up to 99 years.

Apart from this the Indian Hindu outfits of Sangh Parivar branching from RSS always propagate the health benefits of Cow’s Urine and Dung.The Cow’s urine is considered disinfectant and the dung is dried, burnt and is coated on the foreheads of pious followers of Hinduism. Therefore the Indians can take pride that they knew such benefits from ancient times. But Indians failed to make scientific analysis or  experiments since they  attached such healthy habits with the religious practices where people were made to follow without questioning, this is an excuse or consolation?

            Your Urine Can Cool Down Global WarmingIt is already  practiced in Tamil nadu from ancient times  to rear the cattle in the agricultural fields after the harvest following rice cultivation.  The land lord would arrange for mass cattle rearing sessions with the cattle herd owners. The cattle would graze the left over harvested crops,  by the evening they go away leaving their natural output. This act as natural manure to the fields and reduces dependence on Ammonia from artificial fertilizers. Annually a healthy cow excretes more than 4000-5000kg dung and 3500-4000 litre urine. In this season usually pulses are grown which are known for Nitrogen fixation for yielding protein rich pulses.

            Your Urine Can Cool Down Global Warming

Toilets to become Urine Collection Centers

What we can imagine now? Sorry it may be a bit weird!

Whether we are going to collect large quantity of Urine in Public Convenience toilets? In that case why should we pay and use? Let them pay for our urine. It is not like draining our purse in saloons and dental clinics where we lose a  part of our body still have to pay.

There is a saying that one can control anger but urine. Because of such urgency many in Indian cities wet the mother earth in open places. Now the local governments can think of constructing toilets in more places  and rename them as UCC ( Urine Collection Center). This will lead to the development of a new Industry and business giving employment to many people.

Every drop of urine has to be saved in future by urine harvesting, like saving water in Rain Water Harvesting. Whatever amount we spend for drinking water can be recollected by selling urine.  Men can have hygienic urine bags to harvest and sell the collection to the green corporate. It can be a process helping the nation to gain Carbon Credit.  India is rich in human resource and is multiplying fast to reach number one beating China. Why should we improve our economy by reaching out other countries while we ourselves have a solution within our country born with each individual? Why should we worry when we are having the largest population of youth who are well equipped capable of  such production and reproduction ?

The former Indian President Dr. Abdul Kalam will be very happy with this. He can organise meetings with Primary school children to create more awareness. The Primary school children show one finger to the teacher whenever they feel very urgent to pass urine. Now we understand that this can take us to number one country in the world.

This should be definitely placed in the agenda as the first item and discussed in the global summit on Environment to be held in future. India will get unconditional support from China.


Call that a State which yields without toil

Not that where toil precedes yield

(From Thirukkural 739 , an ancient book of wisdom written by ThiruValluvar in Classical Tamil)

(  meaning that a best economy of a state should evolve  from activities without any labour for manufacturing. How  nicely this couplet predicts our Urine Conservation Theory!)

                         THE HOLE

The whole world is concerned
About the Hole in the south,
Only when they see headlines
Sometime in the Sunday editions.

Members of the United Nations
Are discussing for decades
Off the records,
But confused on what is
White House and Greenhouse.

The world leaders
Climb Summit atop but
Cannot see the hole above

After getting Warm welcome
Devil’s nostril expands
Inhales more dirty gases

People of the tiny islands
Are dancing with tourists
Ignorant of the raising sea
Fast wetting their own feet.

No God can Sew
Solve and Save
Defend yourself
My dear man
Think about this hole

( poem by author written in 1999 to be published in poetry collection)