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Kanda’s close aide Ankita likely to reveal his secrets

New Delhi, Aug 27 (): Gopal Kanda’s close aide, Ankita Singh, whose name was mentioned in Geetika Sharma’s suicide note, has returned back to Delhi from Singapore. She has assured to cooperate in the Geetika Sharma suicide case, said the Delhi Police.

Ankita Singh is believed to be a director of Mint Casino in Goa which is a part of Kanda’s MDLR group. Earlier in her statement to Goa Police in 2009, Ankita has alleged herself as wife of Gopal kanda who is having a child from the affair.

The Delhi Police is hoping that Ankita could help them in the case of Geetika hanging herself on Aug 5 alleging harassment by Kanda and his employee Aruna Chaddha, whom she claimed were enforcing her to join the firm owned by Kanda.

It was learnt that the former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda used to insist the air-hostesses hired by the now defunct MDLR Airlines to attend his political rallies in Sirsa and other parts of Haryana and also use to recommend being present on the dais, said the Delhi Police.

” Many air-hostesses admitted that attending the rallies was not mentioned while they joined the firm. Kanda’s supporters after arranging an AC bus would take the airhostess to Sirsa. All the arrangements regarding food and accommodation will be arranged by the firm,” said the police.

“They never inform us what we were supposed to do there. Some of us were asked to stand on the stage while some were made to sit in the front,” said an ex- employee, who refused to be named.

The Delhi police are also investigating whether Geetika Sharma who committed suicide attended any such rallies. Police said they have found photographs of other air-hostess on the stage in many rallies.

A team of Delhi Police had recently visited Ankita’s residence in Goa as well as a shop run by Ankita’s brother for further investigation. But the shop was closed, said the police.