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Prince Harry’s overfriendliness with protection officer raises concern

London, Aug 26 (ANI): One of Prince Harry’s long-serving protection officers, who was in charge of his security during the naked frolic in the Las Vegas, has raised concerns over his “overfriendly” relationship with the royal.

The round-the-clock protection officer, who has worked for the Royal Family since 1995, accompanied the Prince to Vegas and was photographed with Harry at the Wet Republic pool party at the MGM hotel, the Daily Mail reported.

The bodyguard, who was pictured surrounded by girls in bikinis wearing sunglasses and a straw hat, was in fact on duty.

Together with another colleague, the protection officer, who is one of the Metropolitan Police’s elite SO14 team, was also in charge of the 27-year-old prince when he was partying in the private suite at the exclusive Wynn Hotel, where the naked pictures were taken.

According to a source, since their return, both protection officers are likely to be questioned over what happened in Sin City.

At Clarence House, the official residence of Harry and the Prince of Wales, there are concerns that the young Royal and his chief protection officer have become overly friendly.

Harry always requests his favourite protection officer for overseas trips and the two men have a close rapport.

Prince William is also said to get along well with the amiable officer, who was a guest at last year’s Royal Wedding.

The officer, who is in his early 40s and married with a young daughter, gets on well with the Princes’ friends and usually accompanies Harry when he goes away on holiday.

On his Facebook page, which has now been deleted, he has posted a series of pictures of himself with Harry, who he refers to as “Spike.”

In one he is photographed on Everest waving a Union Jack flag during the Walking with the Wounded expedition that Harry took part in earlier this year.

In another, he is on holiday in the Okavenga Delta in Botswana with Prince Harry.

“Harry and his protection officer get along very well,” a source said.

“If Harry has a boring event he’ll take any protection officer, but when it comes to parties and going away he wants his No.1 man with him because he is very much one of the boys,” the source added.

Neither of the SO14 protection officers who were with Harry in Las Vegas are expected to face disciplinary action.

Despite the pictures being deeply embarrassing for the Royal Family, Harry was at no point in any danger.

Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has said it was not the job of the royal protection officers to oversee the Prince’s behaviour.

“Royal protection officers are there to protect him for security reasons, they are not there to regulate his life,” Hogan-Howe said. (ANI)