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Prince Harry racked up

London, August 26 (ANI): Prince Harry and his friends made a bill of more than 54,000 pounds in five days in Las Vegas, which was 8,000 pounds more than he makes in a whole year as a helicopter pilot, it has been revealed.

The 27-year-old royal was promised that he would not have to pay a penny by billionaire casino tycoon Steve Wynn, 70, who let him take “full advantage” of the facilities at his sumptuous side-by-side Wynn and Encore resorts.

The third in line to the throne had the most palatial suite available at the five-star Encore, linked to the equally luxurious Wynn by a guest walkway.

He spent his entire Vegas stay in Room 2401 on the 63rd floor, which has thee bedrooms, a games room, a fully-stocked bar and a 72-inch TV in a lounge with spectacular views of Sin City.

“The suite is often rented free to high rollers who tend to lose much more money at our casino tables than they would have paid for accommodation, drinks and food,” the Daily Star quoted a senior member of staff, who revealed the royal party’s bill, as saying.

“But, as far as Harry and his friends are concerned, I don’t think they spent very much time gambling at all. It was clear they were out to have fun and there’s no problem with that,” the staff member said.

Harry’s tab reveals that his party blew thousands on food and booze.

“Their bar and restaurant consumption might seem high but our most expensive champagnes run to thousands of dollars a bottle and I’ve seen obscenely bigger tabs,” a source said.

“But yes, to regular people this must appear like the sort of high-living that is only available to thevery rich and famous, even though it’s pocket change to someone like Mr Wynn,” the source said.

The billionaire has also given a suite, a few doors away from Harry and his friends, for his security staff. (ANI)