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IJK Parivendhar ( Pachamuthu) a Morning Star in Tamil nadu Politics?

On August 24, the District Secretaries of IJK , Indhia Jananayakak Katchi ( Indian Democratic Party) issued advertisements in newspapers greeting Dr. Parivendhar on his birthday celebrating it as  a day of youth uprising. What surprised many was the policies listed in the advertisement as below

 IJK Parivendhar ( Pachamuthu) a Morning Star in Tamil nadu Politics?

  • Dislodging family rule at All India level
  • Avoiding electoral freebies which make people lazy lacking self respect
  • Banning liquor which affects health and risks life
  • Establishing politics devoid of corruption
  • Disallowing persons to hold the posts of MLA and MP more than two terms
  • Providing power cut free Electricity
  • Making an educated youth from agricultural family as the Chief Minister of the state

On the same day Dr. T.R.Pachamuthu handed over awards to many Tamil scholars in a function organised by a forum ” Tamil Perayam” based in S.R.M University. The awards with a value ranging from  Rs.1.5 lakh to Rs.5 lakh each were presented to Ira Ilangumaranaar, Prof. Se.Vai. Shanmugam,  Thoppil Mohammed Meeran, Prof.Sa. Balusamy, Ka.Kuppusamy, Dr.Ko. Anbazhagan, Na. Mommadhu and Ka. Sundarapandian for their contribution in their respective fields.

T. R. Pachamuthu ( also known as Parivendhar)  is the founder and chancellor of SRM University. After establishing SRM University as a center of Excellence in Education he founded a  political party – Indiya Jananayaka Katchi. He has declared that their party sharply differed with the two major Dravidian parties, the DMK and the AIADMK on policies.

His son Sathyanarayanan runs a Television Channel ” Puthiya Thalaimurai ” ( New Generation) . By its well planned and innovative news coverage this channel within few months of  its inauguration outsmarted and overtook the viewership of 11 years old Sun TV News. Mr. Sathyanarayana who is in thirties is also publishing a news magazine in the same name which is more popular with younger readers with more than a lakh readership. Challenging the established Sun media group which holds a heavy political backing is not a small matter.

How it is possible for a lesser known outfit reaching such an achievement?

Both the magazine or the TV Channel in the name of Puthiya Thalaimurai concentrate more on social and educational issues. They do not project either the party founder or their  political party in their own media. They employ youthful persons with motivationand  social concern in their media selecting them based on their merit only.

It may be a good strategy to establish a neutral media and gain popularity automatically projecting the political party and their people oriented policies without identifying any political enemy. They appear to be adopting a tactic of development oriented positive politics.

If their media can overtake Sun TV, it is also possible for this young political party to challenge both DMK and AIADMK provided they concentrate more on building up the party from grass root level.