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Bengal jute producers worried over fair price

Siliguri (West Bengal), Aug 26 (ANI): Jute growers here are apprehensive over the fair price of jute, despite its adequate production in the region.

Speaking to media on Sunday, M. D. Hussein, a farmer, expressed his concern for not getting appropriate prices of jute.

“We are dependent on agriculture. We cultivate jute but we don’t get the proper prices for our produce, and apart from that there are environmental issues as well,” he said.

Hussein added that rising prices of essential commodities has severely affected their livelihood.

“The cost of cultivation is high these days and the rate of labour has also increased. Also the prices of all the essential commodities are increasing. If we get high price for our produce, we shall benefit,” he added.

The commodity prices of jute last year had crashed internationally had also affected trade figure.

West Bengal accounts for over 60 percent of the country’s total jute output, while the rest is produced in Orissa and the northeastern states. (ANI)