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Send back Sri Lankan defence personnel: Jayalalithaa writes to PM

Chennai, Aug 25 (): Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms Jayalalithaa today asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to put an end to the on-going training programme to two Sri Lankan defence personnel at the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington near Ooty.

Accusing the Centre of showing extreme keenness, towards the Sri Lankan defence personnel, the Tamil Nadu CM in her strongly worded letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday said,” I have voiced in no uncertain terms the strong views of my government on imparting training to Sri Lankan navy personnel who had come from Sri Lanka.”

Jayalalithaa also mentioned about the nine personnel of the Sri Lankan Air Force, who were earlier undergoing technical training at the Air Force Station at Tambaram in Chennai were moved to the Yelahanka Air Force Station at Bangalore after her government disagreed.

“This behaviour of the central government was not appropriate as instead of sending these personnel back to Sri Lanka, the congress government has showed lot of enthusiasm and concern for these personnel by transferring them to Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bengaluru, in order to make them complete their training process,” said the chief minister.

Such a guilty approach on the part of the Central government was flashed in allowing two Sri Lankan defence personnel – Major Dissanayaka Mohottalalage Vengra and Captain Hewawasam Kadaudage to undergo training for eleven months at Defence Services Staff College at Wellington from May 19, added Jayalalithaa.

“Now it is evident that the fact of the on-going training since May 2012 has been mischievously concealed from my government, least bothering about the views of the state as well as the emotion of the people of Tamil Nadu,” assumed Jayalalithaa.

The Tamil Nadu CM requested Dr.Manmohan Singh to order the Defence Ministry to stop the training that is being given to the personnel and send them back to Sri Lanka immediately. Earlier in July after Jayalalithaa strongly opposed the training given to nine Sri Lankan personnel, the centre at once moved them to the Yelahanka air station at Bangalore.