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Bigg Boss 6 : Opens for public, new twists and turns

Mumbai, Aug 24 (): An official statement released on Friday said this year the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is all set to return back for its sixth season with new twists and turns and will have not only house celebrities, but will be open for the common man also.

‘Bigg Boss’ involves celebrity contestants staying together in a house for about three months, without having any communication with the outside world. They are overseen by a “mysterious person” known as ‘Bigg Boss’.

The next show is looking beyond celebrities as its participants. The interested people, who wish to participate in the show, can submit their entries via SMS or an online registration process.

An insider said the entries will be judged on various levels. The interested person will be asked why they want to be in the Bigg Boss house. They will also need to list out their talents and reveal what they would do with the prize money if they were to win.

During the online process, the person should upload videos and photographs. Once the data is collated, it will be followed by a series of interviews by the channel and the production house (Endemol) leading to a shortlist.

The release said this season would focus not only on the stars and their tantrums; it would focus on the common man and his values, morals and faith.

Reports said it was the idea of Salman Khan to include a common man in the show. He also wants the season six of ‘Bigg Boss’ to be cleaner and suitable for family viewing. Many controversial people like actress Monica Bedi, adult entertainer Sunny Leone, dacoit Seema Parihar, model Sherlyn Chopra and many others have been a part of the show in past.

Salman Khan said the latest version of the show should be a friendlier version for family viewings. The show is likely to go on air in October.