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Want to lose weight? Try these magic foods!

Your physician/surgeon is sure to advise you to lose weight at some point in your life. It is always best to keep your weight under check and maintain a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) which could prevent a host of complications including cardio-vascular disease, hypertension etc. The added benefits are you look young, feel energetic and fit into your favourite clothes without any extra effort.

Obesity nowadays poses an occupational hazard too and is said to play a key role in the job market. Overweight/ obese individuals are either treated as second choices or not considered at all when it comes to promotion or recruitment, recent news reports say.

Whether you go in for high-speed walking, yoga, or hit the gym for hours, it is not going to help if you do not keep a watch on your diet.

The top 3 slimming foods which are readily available, easy on your pocket and can be easily incorporated in your diet regimen are:

  1. Oats: As the saying goes, ‘Eat breakfast like a king.’ Make sure to have a wholesome breakfast loaded with fibre, proteins and a moderate amount of fat. This makes you fuller and  makes you eat less as well during the course of the day. Oats, loaded with fibre and protein, can be consumed as such with milk and sprinkling of your favourite fruits and nuts. Highly recommended by nutritionists, oats can be used to dish out interesting recipes easily available online, if you find it boring as your morning cereal. Make sure not to overcook it to make use of its excellent fibre content. Some masala variants of oats are currently available in Indian markets to appease the spicy tongue of Indians.
  2. Horse Gram: Known by different names in the world,  it is Kollu in Tamil and Kulti in Hindi. This fibre-rich and lesser known bean helps in reducing cholesterol levels and has phenols that aid weight reduction. This can be taken in various forms like steamed; roasted and ground into powder that can be added to soups, cereals, rasam etc. It can also be made into chutney or gravy, south-Indian style.
  3. Green Tea: With the presence of polyphenols, green tea helps in burning fat and increases metabolic rates naturally. It comes with a host of other added benefits like inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, preventing formation of blood clots, preventing tooth decay and keeping sugar levels at bay.

Quick tips to losing weight

A trick to watch your weight is to never eat full. It is a best practice to get up from the dining table when you feel like eating one more serving of food. Fill up your stomach only ¾ its capacity.

Don’t ever starve yourself. Eat smaller meals.

Drink warm/hot water frequently.

You can consume salads (water-dense and fibre-rich vegetables like cucumber, radish, bottle gourd, plantain stem work the best), clear soups, pop corn and puffed rice (Pori in Tamil, Murmure in Hindi) in large quantities without any guilt.

Stay away from white foods like white rice, white flour, white bread, creamy pastries and deep-fried foods.

Munch slowly to have a fuller feeling even with smaller portions of food.

Jump at every opportunity of taking stairs at home/in office/malls etc.

Keep moving at least every one hour. Do not sit glued to TV, computer etc. for hours together. Go around, drink a glass of water, have a look outside etc. Walk around while you are chatting on your mobile.

When you follow these recommendations religiously, you are on the way to becoming a slimmer and a fitter self.

–          Personal experience of a South-Indian ( Guaranteed : Loss of at least 4-5 kgs in 2 months)