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Forbes ranks Sonia Gandhi 6th most powerful woman, with Merkel on top

New York, Aug 23 (): Out of hundred most powerful women in the world, Congress president Sonia Gandhi was positioned in the sixth place by the Forbes Magazine, ahead of US first Lady Michelle Obama in its list, which was topped by German Chancellor Angela merkel.

Sixty-five year old Sonia Gandhi’s name was mentioned among the five Indian women who were considered to be the World’s Hundred Most Powerful Women in the list that was released by the Forbes. Last year Mrs Gandhi was positioned in the seventh place in the list.

Along with Sonia Gandhi some other popular personalities who were mentioned in the list were Chairman and CEO, Pepsi Co Indra Noovi, who was positioned in the 12th place, Cisco Systems Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree warrior was at 58th place, ICICI Bank Managing Director and CEO Kochhar at 59th place, followed by Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar –Shaw at 89th place.

The magazine considered the UPA chairperson as “one-time heir to the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty”, who very bravely and successfully went through a surgery last year and was back in action last month when she openly admitted and challenged a member of the parliament during the session who blamed the ruling government’s way of handling the riot of Assam situation.

Being the longest serving chief in the history of the congress, Sonia Gandhi was bound to protect herself as well as her party following a rash of key assembly elections this year, blaming the defeat of weak candidates and state party associations.

The Magazine admitted, “Lauded for supervising heavy economic growth, Gandhi is condemned for enduring political corruption and failing to forge connections with India’s fastest-growing demographic–younger voters.”

Mrs Gandhi being a keen researcher of the arts holds a degree in oil painting conservation.

According to Forbes it considered Merkel as the world’s most powerful woman for the second year in a row, recognizing as the “ Iron Lady” of Europe by adding that Merkel remains to be the lead player in the Eurozone economic drama that go on threatening global markets.