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US website airs naked photos of UK’s Prince Harry

London, Aug 22 (): A US website has published few nude photographs of Prince Harry, taken in a Las Vegas hotel. The images show him pictured with a woman, who also appears to be naked.

Naked pictures of Prince Harry, grandson of Britain’s Queen published in the United States by celebrity news website TMZ.com on Wednesday has caused a potential embarrassment to him and the royal family.

A royal source has confirmed that it was Harry in the photos. One photograph shows Harry, third in line to the British throne, covering up his genitals with his hands while an apparently naked woman hides behind his back.

The other photo shows the 27-year-old prince, an Apache helicopter pilot in the British army, pictured from the back hugging what appears to be the same naked woman.

Prince Harry was in Vegas after concluding his royal duties at the London Olympics, which included presiding over the closing ceremony of the games. And when the Prince was in Vegas, he challenged Ryan Lochte, Olympic gold-medallist to a race during a pool party attended by 5,000 people — and Jennifer Lopez.

The two photographs of Prince Harry on the US gossip site are thought to have been taken last Friday (17 August). The website says the pictures came after the prince invited friends back to his hotel room for a private party. It is thought someone in the group captured the images on a camera phone.

A hotel guest said: “A few groups of women approached him throughout the day and he talked to them briefly, but he didn’t really centre his attention on anyone. He definitely loved the attention, but he looked to be a gentleman with all the women.”

He has been on a holiday but is now due to resume military duties in the Army Air Corps and as an Apache helicopter pilot.

Harry, who visited the city in November, last year, was also seen topless, sipping cocktails and playing in a pool.