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Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes finally divorced

Wellington, Aug 22 (): Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce case is at last closed as the New York City court said on Monday the two are ‘legally’ divorced. The two had been married for five years. Katie filed for divorce a month-and-a-half back and she split from Cruise in June and after less than two weeks, papers were filed and the couple agreed on a settlement.

Holmes and Cruise said in July they had reached an agreement less than two weeks into their headline-dominating divorce case. Their lawyers and representatives wouldn’t disclose details.

The settlement is said to contain stringent rules on how the child will be raised and what religious beliefs she will be exposed to.

Cruise and Holmes began dating in April 2005 and a month later the Mission: Impossible star proclaimed his love for the actress with his infamous Oprah Winfrey couch-jumping appearance. The pair tied the knot in November 2006 in a lavish ceremony in Italy.

They have a 6-year-old daughter, Suri who will spend time with both parents as part of the hastily-reached divorce settlement. She is due to start school in Manhattan within weeks.

A joint statement released by the couple said both are committed to work together as parents to accomplish what is in their daughter Suri’s best interests.

The statement added they wanted to keep matters affecting their family private and express their respect for each other’s commitment to each of their respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise romance was the talk of the town, and Holmes has confessed many times that she had a crush on Cruise since her childhood. Though not much is known about the reason behind their divorce, it is speculated that Tom Cruise’ interest in Scientology was the main reason behind their split.