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Karunanidhi demands Indian Naval base against Sri Lanka

Chennai, Aug 21 () : Immediately after successfully conducting TESO (Tamil Eelam Supporters’ Organisation) conference the DMK president M. Karunanidhi attacked  the Government of India  and the Government of Tamil nadu for their failure to prevent atrocities on Indian fishermen by Sri Lanka Navy. His furious attack on the Government comes on the heels of the latest assault and robbery  by Lanka Navy men committed over Indian fishermen. Several Indian fisher men have been admitted in Indian hospitals with head injuries

“ I condemn the attack by SL Navy.

Whenever Tamils are attacked like this , the State Government would make a complaint to the Centre and the Prime Minister; the Indian Government  would  inform this to  Sri Lankan Government just for the purpose to cajole the people of Tamil nadu  But within one or two days the SL Navy attacks the fishermen again. The  fact is that these attacks continue like a long serial story “

Mr. Karunanidhi who lost the Tami Nadu State assembly elections mainly due to allegations of his inaction against the genocide of  Ealem Tamils has come back to the issue and organised TESO Conference to regain the popular support.

With showing concerns to Ealem Tamils Mr. Karunanidhi has now taken up the issue of attack on Indian Fishermen by SL Navy and the security threat posed by the state of Sri  Lanka in the southern part of India.

Mr. Karunanidhi  has recalled the resolutions of TESO conference on retrieving Katchatheevu belonging to Tamil nadu from historic times.

Mr. Karunanidhi has invited statistics on the number of fishermen killed and attacked from 1991 to 2012

He has also reiterated to establish a greater Naval base at Dhanushkodi to counter the uncontrolled Sri Lanka Navy which has an Anti Tamil and Anti India mind set. The Indian Coast Guard has become ineffective and inefficient to prevent the attacks by SL Navy. Moreover the demand by Mr. Karunanidhi assumes significance due to the growing influence of China in Sri Lanka.

Although Mr. Karunanidhi did not adopt a resolution to demand separate Tamil Ealem in TESO Conference he never attempted to hide his dream about creation of Ealem. With Sri Lanka openly sidelining with China it appears that there is no other option for India except to create an Indian Supported Tamil Ealem to establish Indian defence establishments in Trincomalee to counter the defense threats from the alliance of China- Sri Lanka- Pakistan.

Mr Karunanidhi who is nearing his ninety knows very well about Ealem issue. He is trying to balance his coalition politics with the core ideals of DMK. Ms. Jayalalithaa and her supporters are now making no effective steps about these issues except writing letters and conducting small protests, the DMK with a great cadre support can very well take up the campaign against the atrocities committed by Sri Lanka on Ealem Tamils and Indian Tamils.