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MNS to go ahead with protest march on Tuesday despite police refusal

Mumbai, Aug 20 (): Criticizing the ruling government for the manner of handling the Azad Maidan violence, Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray has called for a rally from Girgaum Chowpaty to Azad Maidan on Tuesday afternoon in order to demand the home minister and police commissioner’s resignation, which is expected to cause major traffic disorder in South Mumbai on Tuesday.

While talking to reporters, Raj admitted that the Azad Maidan police have refused permission by saying that the rally might result in traffic congestion and create law-and-order problem.

” Why did not the police apply the same rule to the Raza Academy morcha that was held on Aug 11 which later resulted in violence”, asked Mr Raj.

The MNS chief said that he had even spoken to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra regarding the refusal of the police for his protest. “I have informed the CM that if permission to take the rally was denied then the state government will have to face the consequences as well. Chavan has assured that he will talk to the police as peaceful protest is a democratic right,” said Raj.

The rally will be starting at 12.00 noon. The Mumbai police have sent notices to all leaders of MNS by saying that if any untoward incident happens; the MNS leaders will be held responsible and will also be taken into custody.

Meanwhile Shiv Sena chief BAL Thackeray on Monday accused Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik for spoiling the image of the Mumbai police. “The self-esteem of Mumbai police has been spoiled because of such a police commissioner.

Police were attacked, women police personnel were being molested and the commissioner was simply howling at those who were trying to control the drastic violence, “said the Sena chief. “We never said that all Muslims are anti- India or Pakistan lovers. It is the work of those Muslims who are anti-national bringing bad name to the whole community,” added Sena chief BAL Thackeray.