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How to Honour Enemy? India shows the way

Chennai, Aug 20 () : In the Front page of Times of India dt August 20, Mr. Sachin Parashkar of TNN has reported the following:

Plot worth of Rs. 100 cr goes to CATIC China’s state owned aviation company which builds JF-17 fighter planes to Pak
India worried China may gain operational control of strategic projects in Sri Lanka.

The plot allotted to China was originally promised to be handed over to Indian High Commission to build a cultural Centre there. But now the plot has gone to the hands of Chinese aviation company having very close links with Pakistan. With this China Pakistan Sri Lanka nexus against India has been strengthened.

On the same day Dinamani, a Tamil Daily published from Chennai has reported in the front page that Sri Lanka Navy attacked Indian fishermen who were fishing near Kodiakarai of Tamil nadu coast. The fishermen were attacked by Sri Lanka Navy men with sticks and ropes. The SL Navy men have also robbed the fishes, diesel and other belongings of Indian Fisher men. Dinamani also reported that Sri Lanka Navy chased away Indian fisher men off the coast of Remeshwaram.

Again on the same day ‘ THE HINDU” newspaper which acts as unofficial brand ambassador to the Sri Lanka published a news item with the photograph of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa carrying the sacred Kapilavastu relics in a ceremonial procession after they arrived from New Delhi.

The relics contain bone remains of Buddhda which is kept under tight security in the National Museum at New Delhi. It is rarely taken out of its place. However India honoured Mr Rajapaksa since he made a request to India to send it. His intention may be to tighten his grip over the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka. However India appears to be showing a gesture to build friendship through construction of a cultural centre in Sri Lanka. But Mr. Rajapaksa cleverly slapped on the face of India by coinciding the ceremonial occasion of Buddha relics with the news about handing over of the strategic plot to China.

A noted Professor of Philosophy residing in Chennai has commented that India has proved that it possess unlimited tolerance with the enemies since it preaches Non Violence to the world. From ancient times starting from Mahavir, Buddha and up to the period of Mahatma Gandhi India was invaded and attacked by neighbours but India has never invaded other countries.

For common men it is a riddle to ponder on why India honours Mr. Rajapaksa who directs his Navy to attack Indian Fisher men and who is  alleged by the international community as a master mind in the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

An intellect belonging to a small Budddhist Tibetan community living in Chennai commented that the sins of bloody stain attached to the relics after it was touched by Mr . Rajapaksa has to be cleared by performing special poojas and prayers before it is restored to the National Museum at New Delhi.