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Have our Film Stars eaten up the Models?

I, an average middle-class Indian take more to printed books to TV to relax my nerves. For some unknown reason, I have never favoured TV as an option to spend my leisure time, even when it landed in my house for the very first time years ago.

Now, I am even more averse to it. Do you know why? Advertisements… loads and loads of them. In actual fact, one gets to watch the show in between advertisements and sometimes lose continuity with whatever one was watching. I am at times forced to watch the idiot box (whoever named it is absolutely right!), with no other option. Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth my time. To add to my cup of woes, I am forced to watch actors and actors endorsing an array of products in the market right from coffee to dish wash bar and from diamond jewellery to high-end residential projects.

I used to have a scrap-book (in my college days, of course) which had a collection of only women models that I was greatly fond of. Now where are those models? Doing only ramp walks and fashion shows, I guess…

Nowadays we see Tamil actors right from young to old, bulky to pot-bellied and a string of top Hindi actors endorsing brand after brand. Even the newbie Tamil heroines are not left out in the promotional drama. Recent additions are television actors. We get to watch the ‘most-desirable’ youngish Kareena Kapoor selling dandruff-free shampoo and the ubiquitous oldie Amitabh Bachchan recommending a brand of noodles!

Tamil actors do not have to worry about flow of cash even when they go out of work in the film industry. The small screen invites them with open arms to host talk shows, game shows etc. And we must see how some of them are ‘funnily dressed up’. Are they trying to blend with the youngish crowd or adding to the fun quotient? No clues. You know what? The current hot trend in advertising is to pair up either dating actors or married actor couples.

Our cricketing heroes, alternating between match wins and losses are the ones closely following the actors. Even a traditional Carnatic music singer was the pick of our ad gurus in the past.

We, or at least me, tend to get tired of seeing our “heroic” faces in the small screen and over time, I think they lose their aura and become so common-place. Real pity, my heart goes out to those professional models who have been smoothly forced out of their jobs by the super-rich and cash-happy actors.

This is all because of the strong belief of our ad gurus, who put it,’ this face sells.’ I fervently wish for lesser known talent pool (like Olympic silver medallist shooter Vijay Kumar) to be tapped for endorsing brands in commercials.

Another point to be reiterated is I loathe only the actors in the commercials but, I am definitely and completely in awe of the innovative and creative talent of the folks behind every commercial. Hats off to you, ad guys!