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Miss World 2012 contest in China’s desert city, Ordos

Ordos, Aug 18 (): The Miss World 2012 pageant is all set for Saturday, August 18, 2012, at 7:30-10:00 pm local time. A total of 116 contestants are contesting in the event, which marks the highest number of contestants ever. The beauty queens will be in their finest evening gowns and swimwear for the evening contest, which is watched annually by around a billion people around the globe.

China has already hosted the competition five times, most recently in 2010 on the tropical southern island of Hainan. This year’s Miss World contest is taking place in Ordos, China, a “modern ghost town” where Ghengis Khan once lived, in Inner Mongolia, on the edge of the Ordos Desert. The city has grown rich over the last decade due to its coal mining and has transformed the old city into one of the wealthiest places in China.

Miss World 2012 started with an impressive opening ceremony and live concert on July 24. All the highlights of the event from July 24 will be shown on 18th August before the main show begins, as part of the grand finale.

40,000 people will be attending the brand new Dongsheng stadium in Ordos to watch many of China’s leading stars join an international cast in welcoming the Miss World contestants to Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The world’s most glamorous event will be held for a full 2.5 hours.

A world record of 116 nations is entering into the Ordos Stadium Arena in a spectacular choreographed opening. Miss World 2012 will be broadcast live from Ordos, Inner Mongolia to an audience in excess of one billion viewers in over 160 countries.

In Miss World contest, the participants not only compete in their evening wear and swimwear — they also compete in fitness, talent and “Beauty with a Purpose,” the centrepiece of the pageant, which rewards contestants’ charitable efforts. The above features in the competition are not included in Miss Universe. It also comprises of another competition for fashion designers from each country, who exhibit their works on their respective contestants.

Reigning Miss World Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela will hand over her crown in the futuristic Ordos stadium.