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Kolaveri Di fame Dhanush sings for Tata Nano

Chennai, Aug 18 (): Music composer Anirudh and Kolaver Di fame and Rajinikanth’s son-in-law, Dhanush are back singing for the small Tata Nano car in its new ad jingle. After both of them hypnotized the entire nation with their catchy tune of ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ track, the pair is back featuring in a commercial for Tata Motor’s Tata Nano.

A wonder called Kolaveri di was released on the networking sites on November 16, 2011 and threw Dhanush into dazzling heights of superstardom. As soon as the sound track, “Why this Kolaveri Di” with an absurd sounding tune and lyrics were released, it went unbelievably viral in the internet.

The meaning of Why this Kolaveri Di is – ‘Why do you have this murderous rage against me? The sound track got 3.5 million views on YouTube within the first week of its release. In addition, the track received more than 1 million shares on Facebook and trended first on Twitter in India.

The first 18 days after the release of the song saw 2, 10,000 downloads on cell phones and became the top downloaded song on cell phones. It was also the first Tamil song to premiere on MTV India.

Now, in the commercial for Tata Nano, which the company revealed early this week, sees Dhanush singing a catchy tune. Dhanush flatters the virtues of this compact car. The ad shows different situations on how Nana wins over the biggies in Indian roads and traffic conditions.

The ad also shows Dhanush avoiding parking problems and even saving a young girl’s life when her ambulance is stuck in traffic using his compact car to expertly weave its way through the jam.

The track which runs for 140 seconds is composed by Anirudh of Kolaveri Di fame and till now the ad has received over 5,96,614 hits on YouTube.com.

Ratan Tata tweeted, “Dhanush’s rhythmic song & video is creative and unique. I would like to thank Dhanush and express my appreciation.”