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Jayalalithaa directs to attach emu farm properties through court, asks to repay depositors

Chennai, Aug 18 (): Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Friday directed the police to take  necessary steps to attach the properties and offices of the emu farms through courts and to mitigate losses incurred by the people who invested in the business and to repay the amount invested by thousands of depositors.

” Arrangements have been made to return the amount of the depositors by taking the possession of the properties of the emu farm owners through court,” said the Chief Minister in her statement.

In a review meeting, the Tamil Nadu Chief minister proclaimed that she has requested the police to nab the culprits who were involved in the multi-crore emu farm investment scam as soon as possible.

The Chief Minister has also directed the Animal Husbandry Department to look after the birds for a period of three months as it would possibly take three months for the emu chicks to grow to full size. Sufficient financial allowances were also provided for the Animal Husbandry Department for the welfare of the birds. The Veterinarians from the department and Namakkal Veterinary College are assisting with medical aid to the birds.

Efforts will be made to sell the birds after attaining full growth. One portion of the money that will be earned through selling,  will be used to feed the birds and the rest be given to the investors, said Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. As the birds were left uncared and dead by their owners who are absconding due to the probe, the Chief Minister directed the Animal Husbandry department to take care of the birds.

So far, a total of sixteen complaints have been received against the firms that failed to fulfill their promise of making monthly payments to the investors, said the police. Out of thirty-three persons who were named in the first information reports, four were arrested and the rest were absconding, said the police.

Susi Emu Farm’s managing director M S Guru, who established the emu farm investment in the region, is absconding for the past ten days along with his family and eight officials of the firm in order to avoid arrest. Six special investigation teams are searching his whereabouts in Bangalore, Puducherry and Kerala and the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.