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Judge threatened for his remark against Mamata in a television debate

Kolkatta, Aug 17 (): A retired judge in Kolkata, who seemed to be severe towards West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a recent television debate, said he had been receiving a series of threatening phone calls since the appearance in the television and has also lodged a police complaint in the case.

Samaresh Banerjee, a retired judge of the Calcutta High Court had taken part in a television debate of the West Bengal Chief Minister’s remarks a couple of days back regarding the judiciary in which she claimed that verdicts can be purchased with money. The very next day on Wednesday night Justice Banerjee received two phone calls in which one caller calling himself as a journalist with an English daily accused the judge about his assessment of Ms Banerjee.

Then came the next call without mentioning his name the caller alleged that the ruling Trinamool Congress was collecting the names of corrupt judges in which Mr Banerjee’s name was also involved. Justice Banerjee said he at once filed a police complaint.

On Thursday, the judge was again on a debate on TV for another panel discussion regarding Mamata Banerjee. The Judge’s wife this time attended the call that seemed to be from a woman who was calling from a mobile number. The woman reportedly threatened his wife that they would spread a rumour that the judge has indulged in raping his domestic help.

The West Bengal Chief Minister had been widely criticized by all over the country for the past few weeks for her harsh administration and for being petty minded of any dispute. A few weeks back she directed the police force to arrest a farmer who questioned her at a rally. Recently her government was charged by the state’s human rights commission for arresting a professor as well as his associate in the middle of night for emailing a cartoon that featured the chief minister.