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RSS volunteers provide assistance to NE people returning homes

Patna, Aug 16 (ANI): Displaying care and affection for people from the northeast returning to their hometowns from Karnataka, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) volunteers provided food and other necessary requirements for the perturbed passengers at the Patna Railway Station on Thursday.

The RSS volunteers provided ‘kichdi, bananas and water’ to passengers of the 15645 Guwahati Lokmanya Tilak Express, who looked quite anxious on their way back home from Karnataka.

“People say a lot to us there, that is why we are going back to Assam. This train is full of people from Assam, who are returning to their respective hometowns,” said a passenger.

Another passenger, however, said that they were not forced to move out from Karnataka, but it was their own decision to leave the city.

“We have nothing for us there. We are afraid for the safety of our parents. We don’t know what actually happened there, but we all are perturbed. They are not asking us to go. It’s our own decision to leave that place,” he said.

The passenger also lauded the efforts put in by the RSS volunteers during this time of need.

“Now, we are extremely delighted with the food that is being served to us. We faced a lot of problems in the train for we had no place to sit and nothing to eat. It feels great to get food here in Patna,” he said.

The development comes amidst rumours of attacks in Bangalore on people from northeastern states.

The Centre and the Karnataka Government have reiterated that there is no threat to people from the northeast living in Bangalore, and there is no need for them to consider returning home. (ANI)