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Letter to Anna Hazare from THE Middle Class Madhavan

The first time I saw the procession of the college boys in the 3rd block Jaya Nagar junction, Bangalore, in support of your movement I had goose bumps. I believed I was fortunate to witness a new movement which could rewrite the history of post-independence corrupt India. I went on to write a long mail to my colleagues on the lines of what it could do to our country India. Today I feel let down after your repeated flip-flops in positions, unrelenting (not exactly Gandhian style) autocratic style of working and senseless rhetoric from people around you. On top of all this, listening to your decision on starting a new political outfit is the final blow.

The silent sufferers, like me, middle class found a voice with your movement. What you have done is nothing short of cheating those who visualised a great future for India and who believed their voices will be heard. What reason you have to start a political party, when you can’t even run a greatly supported movement successfully?

What would a college goer, youngster feel now about the hunger strike he did in the maidans and in front of the politicians’ houses ? Did you think you can ride for ever on the emotions in the fight against corruption without any other plan of implementation?

What are the plans you had with the team of such intelligent people – did you listen to them or they did not listen to you? Did not Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal, Shanthi Bhushan contribute any plan apart from waving our national flag and giving lectures to our politicians and media?

Are you dumb enough to think that regular fasting, after a formal visit to Gandhi’s samadhi will get us results? Do you realise how restless the youth are? They want results NOW! This is an era, where we Indians do not want to come out of our comfortable or uncomfortable homes to fight for a cause, we prefer giving a missed call to a predefined number to show our support to a cause. What do you have for such population of TV watching or consumeristic crowd?

I am sure you are old enough to understand not to take a decision when you are angry. Is it because of thinning crowd you announced to start a political party? We realise now the catastrophic results of not listening to Gandhiji’s view on dissolving Congress after Independence. See what we are left with in this country – 60+ years of oppression, corruption in various forms.

The most intelligent social engineers are either in politics or writing thesis for their doctoral papers. Is there really no other form of agitation to voice my opinion? Why are you not talking about RTS (Right To Service), RTI (Right to Information) and education? Could these build some structure to counter the corruption? Is there no other solution apart from political party? Having said, I am not against your upcoming party, I may even support it, but please please don’t treat me stupid and come back with rhetoric alone to your aid.

Please do not cheat me again with your flawed theory and execution methods; kindly get someone who knows where his head is, to advise you. With no other promising option, I am left only with you. I do not dare look into the face of the politician who is already mocking my hunger strike. On top of all this, yesterday, my new President told me not to agitate and question the current system. He refused to take on how he will solve the problems I am facing. So act with due diligence and long-term goals in view, not just a Gandhi Cap, his fasting and a visit to his Samadhi.

This letter is my last hope to bring back the flowering hope I had a year back.

–       a very disillusioned middle class madhavan