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How Steve Jobs’ gadget helped track down his home burglary suspect

Sydney, Aug 16 (ANI): A burglar who broke into Steve Jobs’ house in the U.S. and stole late Apple co-founder’s personal gadgets was caught shortly after he switched one of them on.

Kariem McFarlin, 35, was arrested on August 2 and charged with residential burglary and selling stolen property from Jobs’ home in California.

According to police, McFarlin, targeted Jobs’ unoccupied Palo Alto home because it was under renovation, the Herald Sun reports.

McFarlin brought himself undone when he turned on one of Jobs’ personal iOS devices.

The device, likely to have been an iPhone or iPad, then ‘phoned home,’ the report said.

Apple were able to trace the user’s IP address, and forwarded details to police.

The details of the July 17 theft, and the suspect’s alleged confession, were reported Tuesday by the San Jose Mercury News.

According to the police report, McFarlin even stole suitcases in order to carry out the Apple gadgets and jewellery he had collected.

The burglar allegedly also made off with the Apple co-founder’s wallet with a dollar inside and his driver’s license.

The report said that McFarlin acknowledged to police that he broke into other homes and also wrote an apology letter to Jobs’ widow. (ANI)