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Assam violence fallout: Northeast people flee Bangalore fearing attacks

Bangalore, Aug 16 (ANI): Many fear-stricken people, hailing from Assam on Thursday fled Bangalore following rumours of attacks following the recent ethnic clashes between the Bodo tribe people and Muslim communities.

As per the media reports, at least 5000 Assamese thronged Guwahati bound trains after the rumours had spread across the IT city through messages and mails that they could face attacks as a reaction to riots in Assam.

John, a local hailing from Guwahati said they were living under fear of being attacked at any time.

“Everybody is saying that people from northeastern are being killed. I am also afraid. They had also hit my friend. We are working at a call centre. They have brutally beaten my friend,” added John.

Expressing similar views, Ratul another local said: “I am looking for tickets to go back as people are targeting natives of Assam. Somebody has beaten a boy from Assam which has infused fear among the people and because of these rumours people are returning to Assam.”
Railway department made special arrangements for more trains to Guwahati as number of people seeking tickets swelled overnight.

As the situation turned grim, Karnataka Home Minister R. Ashok also visited the railway station and urged the people not to go back.

He asked them not to pay heed to the rumours and assured safety of the people of northeast.

“I request northeast students and those who are working in Bangalore not to return to Assam. You are staying for the past 10-15 years in Bangalore and upto now no incident has happened here. They are only rumours and it is wrong news. Don’t believe rumours. Bangalore is safe and Karnataka is safe,” said Ashok.

More than 70 people have died last month. 400,000 people were displaced and have been living in 200 relief camps in lower Assam. (ANI)