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Baba Ramdev arrested by Delhi police on his way to parliament

New Delhi, Aug 13 (): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and thousands of his supporters were today taken into custody by the Delhi Police while on their way to Parliament. Ramdev who made a demand to bring back the black money stashed abroad had appealed to the government to listen to his demands, failing which they would march to parliament.

While threatening to court arrest Baba who started his march said that the march will not violate any law and order in the city. The Yoga guru sat on the top of the car as the procession began moving towards Parliament. Police said that procession will not be allowed to cross the Ranjeet Singh flyover and whoever violating the rules will be taken into custody.

Ramdev, who set a deadline till Sunday evening, accused the ruling government by saying that the ruling party might be shying away from action as the black money hidden abroad may belong to its leaders and people close to it.

“What can be the danger in bringing the back black money or declaring it to be a national asset, if they do not own it?” he asked.

Ramdev who still is continuing his fast alleged that since the UPA has come to power, the Prime Minister promised that black money will be brought back in 100 days. Many 100 days have passed but the money is still kept safe in tax havens abroad, claimed Baba.

On the other hand, Bharatiya Janata Party President Nitin Gadkari who today joined Baba Ramdev’s agitation at the Ramlilla Maidan said, “People who talk about black money are arrested. This government doesn’t know except harassing and arresting people with the help of CBI. They are misusing their power by blackmailing the yoga guru and his aides. We have brought the issue of Ramdev’s fast to the notice of Parliament,” added the BJP president.

The BJD, TDP and many other leaders came to Ramlilla Maidan today and extended support to Baba’s cause which is considered to be a beginning of political polarization.