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Songs Olympians tune into to derive workout inspiration

London, August 10 (ANI): Most people seem to prefer plugging themselves into Queen, Madonna, Lady Gaga or Prodigy while working out, a new study has revealed.

Some 57 percent of 2,000 fitness enthusiasts surveyed claimed music significantly helped them train.

But while British bronze-winning gymnast Louis Smith listens to reggae to get into his sporting zone, and American swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte both opt for rapper Lil’ Wayne, the general public are much more keen on pop and house music to get their muscles moving in the gym.

Some 29 percent of people surveyed by Tesco Phone Shop said they listen to pop music while working out, while 26 percent prefer dance and house music and 35 percent choose rock.

A calm and collected three percent listen to classical music while training, and five percent opt for an R ‘n’ B-flavoured sountrack.

Three percent who really like to feel the burn choose heavy metal.

Queen’s 1970s classic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ topped the individual song polls with 15 percent of the vote, followed by Survivor’s ‘Eye of The Tiger’ with 14 percent and Tina Turner’s ‘The Best’ with eight percent.

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ also scored the most votes with women, while ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ was most popular song with male voters.

Turner’s song scored the most votes with the over-55s.

“Music and sport have much in common: both are culturally pervasive, both are about good rhythm and both touch us emotionally. Athletes routinely tap the power of music as part-and-parcel of their training,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr Costas Karageorghis, a reader in sport psychology, said.

“Our research has shown that during exercise well-selected music can reduce the perception of effort by as much as 12 per cent and enhances mood by 10 per cent.

“As well as using stimulative music during training, many athletes are discovering the recuperative benefits of calming music following a tough workout,” he said.

Olympic athletes’ top tracks are:

Chris Hoy (Team GB cyclist) – Escape Velocity (Chemical Brothers)

Mo Farrah (Team GB runner) – Keep Your Head Up (2Pac)

Ben Ainslie (Team GB sailor) – In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)

Michael Phelps (Team USA swimmer) – I’m Me (Lil’ Wayne)

Ryan Lochte (Team USA swimmer) – American Star (Lil’ Wayne) (ANI)