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Police recovers huge amount of cash from Fiza’s house

Chandigarh, Aug 9 (): A huge amount of cash was recovered from the residence of Anuradha Bali alias Fiza, the separated second wife of former Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Chander Mohan by Punjab Police on Thursday.

Anuradha Bali alias Fiza, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her house in Mohali on Monday. Darshan Singh Mann, Mohali’s DSP said “police recovered cash and valuable jewels from the almirah of the deceased Anuradha Bali on Thurday. “

“We recovered the cash and other valuables, including jewelry that was kept in an almirah” Mohali’s DSP, Darshan Singh Mann said.

The exact amount could not be determined immediately as a result counting tool of currency note was brought. The police are also probing about the source of money that was recovered in the deceased house, said the officer. The Police are still in confusion regarding the death of Fiza, and has sealed all the SMS messages sent by Chander Mohan on a CD.

Police seized a total of 50 CDs including some which contained the SMS exchanged between Fiza and Chander Mohan from her Sector 48 C residence in Mohali.

Most of the CDs were of movies, religious, whereas some contained the digitalized messages but none of the CDs were offensive, said the police.

Anuradha Bali, who was a former Assistant Advocate General of Haryana, married Chander Mohan in 2008 when he was the Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana in the Congress government.

They both converted into Islam and their ‘nikaah’ was solemnised by a maulvi (Muslim priest) in Meerut in November, 2008. Chander Mohan who was the son of former Chief Minister, late Bhajan Lal was disowned by his father after his marriage with Fiza.

However the marriage lasted for only forty days. Mohan returned back to his first wife and his two children as the relation between Fiza and Mohan got soured and he got legally separated from Fiza.