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Pak terrorist attacks killed at least 3,898 this year

Islamabad, Aug.9 (ANI): At least 3,898 people have lost their lives in terrorist violence in Pakistan during the first seven months of the year.

The deaths include 1,705 civilians, 485 security forces personnel and 1,708 terrorists.

During the first seven months of 2012, June and July recorded the highest fatalities with 367 and 363 killings respectively of civilians and security forces personnel. 496 terrorists were also killed in the two months. At least 117 security forces personnel were killed in the month of January alone, reports the Daily Times.

In 2011, a total of 6,303 persons were killed in similar incidents. According to the data, at least 42,824 persons, including the terrorists, have lost their lives in terrorism-related incidents in the country since 2003.

In the ongoing war against terrorism, the armed forces have so far lost the equivalent of two full brigades. Among those killed were one three-star and a couple of two-star generals. At least 3,097 personnel had been killed and 721 others permanently disabled.

Pakistan has suffered the colossal financial losses of more than 68 billion dollars in the so-called war on terror since 2001.

The cost of the war was estimated at 2.669 billion dollars in fiscal year 2001-02. The amount has been continuously rising and has gone up to 17.83 billion dollars in the present year. (ANI)