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Dish TV launches new set-top box Dish+ with USB recording

New Delhi, Aug 8 (): Direct to Home service provider, Dish TV, launched its new set-top box ‘Dish+’, a standard definition box with recording facility on Tuesday.

Dish TV’s new set-top box ‘Dish+’ allows the users to record programmes for watching later. At the price of Rs 1,690, the set-top box will be launched in the 42 cities, where the government has mandated switching over of analogue cable TV to digital platform under Phase I and II.

Dish+ is launched in 42 cities of Phase I and Phase II of digitization and offers an alternative for all viewers looking to shift from analog to digital. The company is giving a 4GB USB drive as a free offer with every Dish+ box for a limited time.

The free 4 GB pen drive is a part of its inaugural offer. The company said that post video cassette recorders, there is no recording device available with consumers and it hopes to fill this gap with its SD recorder.

The other set top boxes like Tata Sky’s Tata Sky+ HD and Dish TV’s own Dish truHD+ come with recording facility, but the Dish+ box does not offer HD support.

Like Dish’s truHD+, the Dish+ is also capable of recording straight to a USB drive. This allows all benefits of a traditional DVR like recording and playing back programs, Pausing or Rewinding live TV, different play-back positions, event based recording (EBR), time based recording (TBR) and so on.

The company said the Dish+ is well-suited with any USB device enabling consumers to plug and play an existing USB stick beside rewinding and recording live television, among other features.

With Dish TV’s truHD+ box available on their website for Rs. 2,690, the Dish+ box, at 1000 rupees cheaper, is ideal for those looking to venture into the world of DVRs on a budget.