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Baba Ramdev returns to protest after 14 months

New Delhi, Aug 8 (): Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who was packed out of  the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi  in a midnight police attack fourteen months before is expected to return to the same venue on Thursday for another round of indefinite protest demanding to bring back black money hidden abroad.

Ramdev’s protest is also likely to expand his agenda from black money to Lokpal Bill, making CBI independent and a more transparent procedure for assigning Election Commissioners, CAG, CVC and CBI Director.

Earlier, Baba Ramdev protested in Ramlila Maidan on June 4 last year that ended in a midnight police crackdown after two days when the police claimed that he violated the norms according to the agreement. Ramdev was caught by the police while he tried to escape the venue wearing a woman’s attire.

Thursday fast will be keenly watched by many as it comes a week after Anna Hazare called off his fast, disbanded his team which has decided to take a political plunge. However Ramdev has admitted he has no political agenda and the second stage of his protest will be possibly declared if the government fails to accept his demand on black money.

“We are only willing for a strong Lokpal in order to put an end to the ongoing corruption. Lokpal alone cannot eliminate corruption instead it is necessary to punish the corrupted as well,” said Baba.

Hazare who earlier declared that he will be joining Ramdev in his protest is not quite sure to join at the venue on Thursday with one of his close aides saying that “At the present moment there is no plan of coming to Delhi.” Though Ramdev is expecting Anna Hazare to join his protest, he did not invite Team Anna, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi to participate in the protest.

While the protest is likely to commence on Thursday, Ramdev supporters have already taken over the venue as hundreds of them have already started gathering there.