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‘No sex sells’ for virgin US hurdler Lolo Jones

Sydney, August 7 (ANI): Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, who is more known for her nude photo spread for ESPN magazine than her game, has revealed that she intends to practise celibacy until she has a ring on her finger.

And although the 29-year-old’s interviews about her virginity might be suggestive of a pretty female sports star “sex sells” story, she has declared that it’s “no sex here”, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The star has admitted that remaining a virgin is “harder work than her degree and Olympic training”, yet she will stay chaste until her marriage.

The devout Christian might have been the second fastest qualifier in the heats behind Sally Pearson on Tuesday, but she still manages to stay in news for her looks and stories.

“I don’t care what anyone else is getting,” she said before the London games.

“You can talk about all that, but you’ve still got to mention my name,” she added. (ANI)