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Chinese daily accuses India of following dual policy on Tibet

Beijing, Aug 7 (): A Chinese web edition said unlike western countries India does not directly interfere with China’s domestic issues but appears to be reserving the “card of exiled Tibetans for future use”.

They accuse India of following a two-track policy on Tibet by supporting separatists on one hand while recognising the region as part of China on the other.

The two countries restored ambassadorial relations in 1976, but after that, India carried out a “two-track” policy on the Tibetan issue, the paper alleged.

The daily has also warned on Saturday that India’s policy towards the exiled Tibetans in the country under the leadership of the Dalai Lama might have changed from comprehensive to selective support, but exiled Tibetans may be a “hidden danger” to India’s own stability in future.

India continues to secretly support separatist activities in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) through exiled Tibetans while publicly maintaining a ‘one China policy’, state media said on Monday, adding that this contradiction in New Delhi’s policy was harming its relations with Beijing.

The separatist activities of exiled Tibetans will threaten regional security and the whole China-India relations. The “diplomatic bonus” brought by exiled Tibetans is decreasing, whereas the benefits of cooperation between China and India is growing.

Under these circumstances, the Indian government should reconsider its policies toward exiled Tibetans. Only then will India take a responsible stance for exiled Tibetans in a real sense.

At the same time, there are reports of another self-immolation protest in Tibet as the flaming wave continues to burn across the Tibetan plateau.

As of now, there are no details available on the identity of the self-immolator, but it was confirmed there was self-immolation protest by a Tibetan in the harassed Ngaba region of eastern Tibet. London-based rights group, Free Tibet, also reported on today’s self-immolation protest but noted that the self-immolator was male.