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Bal Thackeray hits out at Advani : Stop adding fuel to fire

Mumbai, Aug 7 (): Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Tuesday hit out at senior saffron party leader LK Advani for projecting  a non-Congress, non-NDA government in 2014 Lok Sabha election.

Bal Thackeray while criticizing Advani in his party mouth-piece Saamna said that Advani by his statement is trying to add fuel to the fire of ambitions in Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi  for the prime minister’s post.

“Modi might aim to become the Prime Minister, same way Nitish Kumar might also aim so, hence there is often clash between the two. It is not fair on the part of a senior leader like Advani to add fuel to the fire by making disapproved statements,” said Thackeray in his editorial.

According to sources, Thackeray who was disappointed over Advani’s statement said, “It seems Advani is frightened, if he has any sort of doubt, let him come to my home, I shall clear him by giving him a dose of confidence and power,” said the Sena chief.

“Will it be fair if a general says before a war that there is no guarantee on the outcome, by upsetting the entire army,”? asked the Sena chief.

Thackeray reacted sharply after Advani’s latest blog on the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, in which Advani was believed to have kicked off a debate on the 2014 general elections  by saying a non-Congress, non-BJP Prime Minister leading  a government supported by one of these two principal parties is possible.

Thackeray urged Advani to help throwing the Congress instead of playing dirty politics through blogs and sending useless information down the ranks.  “It is our primary duty to throw the devil (congress),” wrote Thackeray.

Thackeray said the issue will be sorted out after the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, in which it will become reportedly clear that the leaders of NDA will decide the Prime Minister.

Thackeray asked the National Democratic Alliance to  be brave and get ready for the general elections with renewed energy and not to lose temper.